RWR will help your company move its processes towards sustainable production by managing all aspects of your non-hazardous waste and recycling program.

Recycling Programs

RWR will develop a completely customized program to meet your needs and reduce the waste that is generated by your company. We will help develop and implement a waste reduction strategy that will save you time and money. Our team will guide you in selecting the most efficient equipment to accomplish your waste reduction goals and identify end users for the materials to provide highest revenue. We will provide on-going management of your recycling program.

Leed Project Management

We will organize and manage all of the hauling and recycling services your company will need to achieve LEED recycling goals. RWR will manage your entire program, which encompasses scheduling hauls, managing waste logistics and asset management of recyclable materials. This also allows us to develop project metrics for LEED documentation.

Hauling Services

RWR can handle all your hauling needs from front loads and servicing compactors to open-tops. We facilitate all hauls, monitor compactors, and track all loads from your site. 

Centralized Billing

RWR will centralize all billing for your non-hazardous solid waste and recycling program.