RWR is a non-traditional solid waste and recycling provider. we partner with our customers to achieve their environmental goals. We base our contract on our performance in achieving those goals. RWR gaurantees a high standard of excellence. We will exceed our customer's vision of a single source solution for all of their environmental needs. RWR not only provides system analysis and program design; we provide all the services needed to facilitate the entire non-hazardous solid waste and Recycling Program.


Our Mission

We strive to provide our customers with the tools needed to make their non-hazardous solid waste and recycling program a success. Our goal is to customize your program to achieve the highest efficiency on asset recovery and lower expenses. 


RWR staff has over 25 years of experience in the recycling and waste industry. Lynn Dornak, President of RWR, has gathered her experience through owning and operating recycling processing facilities, operating waste and recycling hauling services, and developing relationships with end users for secondary commodities. 

I recognize that in order for a program to be successful it must be both easy for your business to implement and easy for the employee to perform.
— Lynn Dornak, RWR President and CEO

What we do

  • Brokering and marketing services for recyclable materials
  • Identify end users for the materials to provide highest and best revenue
  • Coordinate and arrange for the transportation of all recyclable materials to end user
  • Provide ongoing program training as needed
  • Provide waste audits
  • Identify recycling and solid waste related equipment needs
  • Develop specification requirements and coordinate purchasing the equipment
  • Coordinate preventative maintenance and unplanned maintenance for recycling and waste equipment
  • Develop new recycling programs to enhance existing programs